2019 Mercedes-Benz A220 4MATIC im Test: Kleine Limousine, große Überraschung

Twin 7-inch screens – one for the driver’s instrumentation and one for the infotainment and HVAC – are standard, however twin 10.25-inch overhauls come as a major aspect of the $2,100 Premium Package. That is a commendable expansion, as it additionally incorporates vulnerable side alerts, keyless begin, and auto-diminishing for both the rearview and side mirrors. $310 includes the 64-shading encompassing lighting framework and, while that may appear to be exorbitant, the way it so altogether lifts the inside makes it an absolute necessity have as well. 
Further overturning the standard principles about which autos debut which new highlights, the A-Class is additionally first to put up Mercedes’ new MBUX infotainment framework for sale to the public. While it tidies up the UI and by and large leaves the menus less confounding than the old form, the greatest change is the “Hello Mercedes” shrewd right hand. Consider it Alexa for the vehicle. 
I’m commonly careful about in-vehicle voice acknowledgment frameworks. Notwithstanding when they figure out how to deal with my British pronunciation, they’re normally so tangled a procedure completing anything, you’re in an ideal situation going to antiquated path with catches and touchscreens. The Mercedes right hand, however, was a wonderful shock. 
You can issue route guidelines in a few different ways, either getting out the entire location – which the vehicle flawlessly comprehended – or requesting an increasingly broad hunt, similar to the closest Starbucks. MBUX doesn’t request explicit order language, it is possible that: I could state “explore to… ” or “get me bearings to… ” or whatever appeared to be generally regular. Follow-up directions, such as looking for a corner store along a current course, can frequently be close difficult to do with voice control frameworks, however were no issue in the A220. 
Like Alexa, in the interim, you can ask general learning inquiries. That may appear to be a trick, yet really turned out to be to be quite valuable: inquiries that would normally require my destroying out my telephone to find the solution to, I could accomplish all the more securely by voice. “Hello Mercedes” additionally integrates with the vehicle’s HVAC and different frameworks, so you can do things like alter the temperature by voice, as well. 
It’s not by any means the only quirky element I found out of the blue fulfilling. The discretionary enlarged reality route framework – some portion of the $1,150 Multimedia bundle – drifts turn-by-turn bearings over a constant perspective out and about ahead, and demonstrated shockingly supportive when endeavoring to figure my way through new courses. Tragically it can’t really extend those AR bearings onto the windshield, however it’s not hard to envision a future form that may. 
On the off chance that it wasn’t at that point clear, I was unquestionably more awed than I expected to be by the 2019 A-Class. My doubt had been that it would be a genuinely determined vehicle, adequately an approach to bait new proprietors to the brand yet then rapidly move them up the stepping stool to increasingly costly models. 
Rather, I end up asking whether it could really take a couple of section level C-Class deals. In the event that you need the Mercedes identification, and the styling, and the extravagance tech inside, yet don’t really require all the back space of the bigger vehicle, there’s a ton to prescribe this littler, deft vehicle. Beyond any doubt enough you can send its cost spiraling up on the off chance that you go blundering on the choices, yet show a little limitation and you can in any case get a fairly prepared car at a small amount of the cost of Mercedes’ bigger autos. That will instruct me to be so critical.

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